Thursday, 26 May 2011

Søte Hjerte Shorts for sale…….


Good afternoon everyone!

Looks like I’ve moved on from making wristlets to knitting these cute little shorts for the time being – but then I guess they are seasonal!

So for sale here, I have two pairs of shorts, both of which are knitted in wonderfully soft 4 ply cotton yarns, finished with pretty little mercerised cotton tie belts in contrasting colours…..

There are slight differences between each pair as follows…..

**  Grey Søte Hjerte Shorts  **
These lovely slate grey shorts are knitted slightly longer than the powder pair, as I’m developing the pattern right now, and thought I would offer customers a little more coverage if they so wished and with this pair they deliver that nicely! They sit perfectly on the hip and look delightful on!

They are equivalent to an Odd Molly size 1 (which equates to a UK size 8-10 or 36-38 Continental)

They are offered for sale at £45.00 (exl of P&P)

**  Perfect Powder Søte Hjerte Shorts  **


These are so very pretty and the pale pink tie belt just lifts the colour of the shorts nicely! These are my faves, as previously published in a recent blog post!

This pair are slightly shorter than the grey ones, as this is the way I wear them!!

For those of you who own or have seen Odd Molly’s Dreamdate shorts, these are more ‘forgiving’ and sit on the hip rather than slightly higher on the waist like theirs do!

These are also equivalent to an Odd Molly size 1 (which equates to a UK size 8-10 or 36-38 Continental)

They are also offered for sale at £45.00 (exl of P&P)


** NB ** When ordering bespoke shorts, could you please indicate how you want them to sit on the leg – as you can see here, the grey ones are actually 1” longer than the powder ones!

Happy Shopping and many thanks for dropping by!

I can’t believe just how cold (and wet!) it is here today, the 26th of May!! Sad smile

Stor klem!



  1. Oh dear! Do the knitting book soon! I just love your models, but I need them in bigger size :)

  2. LOL, no worries Tarleena, I can always make them in a bigger size for you!

    Glad you like them!


  3. They are SO nice! :)
    If I was just a bit younger I would buy them at once! My legs are not as nice as they have been ;)

    Hugs from very cold and wet Denmark

  4. Ah bless, you look wonderful to me! :-)

    Hugs back to you - from an equally cold and wet England!

    Ha en god helg!


  5. These are beautiful! Would you consider selling the pattern as well? I would love to try knitting some for myself.

  6. Hello there Avrielle, sorry for the very late reply!

    Right now I'm still contemplating publishing my patterns, but it's time consuming making sure every detail is just perfect - or else you have lots of angry folk on your hands!

    However, I do have a pale pink pair for sale at £20.00 (plus P&P) that you might be interested in - if you want to know anything else about them you can contact me at

    and I have let you have some more details about them!

    Nice to hear that you like my designs tho!

    Wishing you a nice day!