Thursday, 19 May 2011



It’s that time of the year again when the sewing machine and overlocker come out and I start sewing in earnest again.

And this is the very last of the material I had to left with which to make a ‘Heidi’ dress – well the white material that is, as I can no longer source it! Sad smile Shame really, as it’s adorable!


This one’s winging it’s way to the US now so I hope the lovely lady will love what I’ve made for her daughter! I worn mine quite a lot last year, and lovely Monica from Sweden has one also, so at least 3 identical ones were made. Will have to think up different colour ways now!

Wishing you all a wonderful evening – wherever you may be!

I'm off to finish another ‘little thing’ I’m working on – which you can see from the corner of the first photo, so watch this space…… Winking smile

Stor klem!



  1. Ahh, looks pretty pretty :) did you get the picture of the yellow shorts? Kram!

  2. Hey hon, I've only just discovered the email in my spam folder - they are cuter than cute! I soo wanted a pair of these in white or pink when they came out!

    Are you starting to think I have a shorts fetish by any chance? LOL



  3. Hi,
    I wonder if you could contact me once you find new material for more of these beautiful dresses, I'd really like one! What is the price for this dress?

  4. Such misery - why do they end up in the spam? Anyway, I can only dream of how cute the shorts must have looked in pink. Btw, I bought a pair of white jeans yesterday, inspired from your blogpost the other day :) Kram!

  5. Hi to you both!

    Sorry for the late reply, but I've had network issues these last few days!

    @ Odd Molly-holic: I'm in the process of sourcing some more material for the upper part of the dress, so as soon as I can get hold of it, I will be in touch!

    @ Minoo: Yes my dear, they were just soo pretty, but yours are also! Guess you know what my colour scheme is by now!

    Kramar till er båda!