Monday, 16 July 2012

Facebook Giveaway!


Yay, at last I’ve reached (and gone past!) the ‘200’ likes target (and boy, was it a struggle to get there!) especially as there was a ‘competition’ at the end of it, but better late than never I say, so here it is, a pair of my sweet little ‘Boudoir’ shorts, in a size 1, made from adorable broderie anglais fabric, and finished with cute little bows and my usual trimmings…..

These usually retail at anywhere between £25.00 and £40.00, depending upon the fabric and embellishments used, so now’s the chance to win a pair for nothing! Smile

All you have to do is leave post on my Facebook page saying ‘Yes Please!’ and your name will be entered into the draw, the only proviso though is that you must be a fan of my Facebook page, so if you’re not, click on the ‘Norge Heart’ here on my blog and become a fan of Little Miss Noway – it’s as simple as that! Winking smile

Now even if you’re not a size 1 (UK 10!), why not enter anyway, you could end up winning them for a daughter or a loved one (if you’re a guy!) so don’t be shy, add your name to the list and as they say in vakre Norge, ‘Lykke Til!

Stor klem!


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