Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Min ‘Lille’ Boudoir……


Hmm, think I may well have confused some folk when I called this photo ‘Lille Boudoir’ on my Facebook page recently, as I don’t want to confuse anyone into thinking it was little girls item of clothing, as I have my other blog and line, called Thumbelina von Bumblechops for that, but no, what I intended to say was that this was a smaller version of my Boudoir wrap top, given a revamp……


I made a version of the ‘short’ Boudoir wrap a while back, for a regular customer’s daughter, with matching shorts, which was similar to this, but let’s say that the girl in question is only 18 with legs to die for, and you’ll know that the shorts were more of what I call my ‘Kylie’ style – and let’s face it, if you’ve got it (and you’re young and beautiful!) why not flaunt it indeed!


But in revisiting the model, I wanted to make the shorts a little more ‘wearable’ for other ladies, and so I made this pair a little wider in the leg, so they look more like a skirt – that is, until you walk in them! They’re meant to sit slouchy on the hip, which is always more flattering than higher up – in my opinion anyway, but they do look pretty on! All the lace on this model was hand dyed by myself, and is a wonderful shade of light pink....


This is model for sale at a special price of £75.00 for the set. The regular price retails at £90.00, excl. of P&P.

The size is a 1/2, which equates to a UK 1o/12.

If you’re interested, and would like to know more about dimensions, please contact me here at….


Many Thanks for dropping by, wishing you a wonderful day, whatever you do!

Stor klem!


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