Friday, 6 July 2012

Midtsommer Skjønnhet (Midsummer Beauty)

IMG_0274_0107 copy 2

And at last I have one wearing my pretty Heidi long dress, in the beautiful land of Sweden!

IMG_0166_0007 copy 2

As some of you will be aware, this dress began it’s life back in 2010, when I had the idea to make a long version of my now famous ‘Heidi’ dress.

IMG_0321_0154 copyx 2

It is no doubt, one of the prettiest Heidi dresses I’ve ever made, if not the prettiest, and I’ve always imagined what it look like on a Scandinavian beauty, wandering around in the countryside on a perfect sunny day – and now my wish has come true!

IMG_0309_0142 copy 2

I always wanted as many details as possible in this dress, and so I added lots and lots of expensive lace down the skirt in panels, and it really added to the look……

IMG_0312_0145 copy 2

It took me a while to source all the trimmings for it, but it was well worth it in the end…..

IMG_0291_0124 copy 2

As you can see from the lovely lace heart detail on the back…….

IMG_0177_0017 copy 2

I have so many amazing photo’s of Maria, that I was spoilt for choice which to use…..


As you can see……

IMG_0182_0022 copy 2

But I think I saved the best two (in my opinion!) for last……

IMG_0199_0034 copy 2
I especially love this animated one….

When I was making this, I always imagined a number of Scandinavian bridesmaids wearing them for a summer country wedding, with nothing more than flowers in their hair for adornment – and that would be my dream commission for sure!

So this dress can be made to order, but the price is on request, depending upon the customers requirements.

If you are interested, please contact me on my email address of….

I would like to thank my dear friend Maria, once again for agreeing to be my model, and a special thanks goes to the very talented photographer Henrik Bergsted, who kindly photographed Maria for me – I am most grateful to you for these wonderful shots!

Wishing you all a sunny day, but if you live in the UK, sadly that won’t be the case!

Stor klem!



  1. The dress is cute - I love the movies from Scandinavia, "Ulvepigen Tinke", "Kamilla og tyven" and "Bullerbyn".

    I wish you a huge weekend!



  2. Yes it's such a pretty dress and beautiful Maria looks adorable in it!

    I love Scandinavian films too and love watching them, especially at Christmas time!

    I actually managed to find the DVD of Kamilla og tyven recently - which was nice to watch, for the very brief appearance of a very young, but adorable Morten Harket! :-)

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend too - have fun and thanks for dropping by!