Sunday, 11 April 2010


Well a rather strange day Saturday was indeed, as I wasn't feeling too good, so I went out for some fresh air and ended up in the next village, where they have a beautiful little boutique full of wonderful clothes and accessories and interior items, very similar to those wonderful little shops you stumble across all over Scandinavia, but not so much here in the UK.

For a while now, I been heading past the window of this particular shop and have been thinking to myself "Is that an Odd Molly dress in the window?" only to drive on and either not have time to stop, or it's been late at night, however, yesterday I stopped right outside the shop window and low and behold, there it was, the beautiful Alchemistry dress that Ina was wearing in her blog recently - right in front of my very eyes! I was beside myself with glee, and quite frankly, couldn't get into the shop quick enough in case I awoke from this lovely dream!

As I walked in, there was the Summer campaign banner with Helena in front of me and a rack of wonderful Odd Molly delights, mainly from the Pre-Spring collection, but other little gems from Spring in there also! I was like a kid in a toy shop, as the nice assistant was endeavouring to tell me all about the Odd Molly brand - at which point I laughed and said to her "What I don't know about Odd Molly isn't worth knowing, as I've been wearing it for 4 years now!" I don't think she was aware that it had been around for that long and beyond!

Anyhow, I couldn't help myself, and as you can see, I bought the Chalk Appeteaser dress as I wanted something else to wear with my Chalk Revolution blouse, as I always wear my Rose Spoiler with it, but having tried the Appeteaser on, find that it looks more summery and fresh with this alternative.

But you know me, I couldn't leave it alone, so I decided to shall we say, 'enhance' it a little, as it looked a little plain, so I stitched on some very delicate lace around the the frilly piece over the bust, which was left over from adorning my Chalk Native Blouse. I think you can see it just makes it look a little prettier, but then I didn't stop there, oh no.......

I just felt that the nylon lace that Odd Molly had used on the bottom of the dress didn't do it any justice, so I decided to add a piece of pre-cut lace I'd bought from Panduro a while back onto the bottom and in my opinion, just finishes it off nicely!

As you can just about see, rather than unpick the original lace from the bottom, I just turned it up and stitched the new lace over it, and then finished it all off with some pretty little cream bows - although, as the embroidered panel on the dress is navy, I might add some of the same colour instead - vi skal se........

Just in case anyone out there is thinking of buying the Appeteaser Dress, I would advise that this model runs very small and is rather fitted under the bust and waist, so it may well be worth considering the next size up!

The Revolution blouse has navy trimmings on it also, so it matches perfectly!

And then lo and behold, I noticed that they also had Ti-Mo on sale - OMG, could this be true - my lovely little boutique, not a mile and a half away from me, was now selling two of my favourite designers? You could imagine how happy I was at this moment! LOL.

And so I also had to purchase a pair of cream over the knee socks with the lacy tops that are just adorable! They had soo many things that I could have bought, but as I'm off to Oslo soon, I wanted to restrain myself! LOL.

But once again, I like to fiddle with things and so they got the 'treatment' also, as I added some cream bows to the lace top of them also and now they look perfect with my Ilse Jacobsen rain boots and Belstaff Trailmasters - YAY to all that!

But you're probably wondering what the sad part was, well the owner of the shop has decided to move to larger premises - 8 miles away! Not the end of the world I know, but just as they start selling Odd Molly and Ti-Mo, they move away from me -typical or what? LOL

Will have to ask the owner next time I see her (hopefully before she heads off, as she is actually one of my neighbours!) if she would consider stocking Chill Norway next!

Here's hoping!



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