Tuesday, 6 April 2010


As some of you may know, I have been coveting a beautiful tunic from Odd Molly called 'Fields of Lace' and my search started over a year ago. I wasn't aware of all the various websites at the time, so extended my search in Oslo whilst I was there last May, and wasn't even successful in Eger which had only opened a few days before I arrived!

Anyhow, one of my Odd Molly friends Charlotte (who has a lovely blog worth visiting) 'Loves Molly' http://lovesmolly.blogspot.com/ has been attempting to help me find one of these beautful tunics in a size 1, in either white, chalk or the wonderful powder shade, which I'm finding is my favourite Molly colour of the moment!

For those of you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, this is what the original looks like.......

Beautiful don't you think?

So then, as it's over a year since I decided I wanted one of these beauties, I've attempted to make one of my own - but this was quite a challenge, as with this type of tunic, you've got to make your own pattern up, and with that, I had to think long and hard about the construction of it.

Many a night was spent just looking at this tunic from various angles as I managed to find a lot of pictures on various web sites so they gave me some positive clues on how to put it all together!

And so here is my version! I wanted to make mine a bit longer, as I sometimes find that Odd Molly tunics can be a little on the short side, plus I wanted to incorporate the use of a piece of material I'd saved from a sweet little baby doll top I bought from Zara a few years back, which forms the front panel of the dress.

I loved the material of the little top, but hated how it looked on, so you know me, I just couldn't bare to throw it away and had been planning how to use it for a while now, so it seemed appropriate to use it here.

The back has a flatter panel which is similar to that on the original. I've used laces and trims from all over the world, but this time no little gems from my Grandmother I'm afraid!

As you can see, when the front panel is extended, it's very wide indeed, making for a nice floaty effect! In order to keep it under control tho, I gathered it in and attached beautiful lace from Sweden over the top - wish I could remember the name of the department store in Stockholm!

I was convinced that as soon as I finished this, I would find one in any colour in my size - well last night, Tradera had a size 2 in powder, which is too big for me, but I'm hopeful I will get one soon!

Wish me luck!




  1. Hej
    Köper gärna en hel del av dig, men vet inte hur jag får kontakt Vill gärna köpa linnet i vitt och rosa tunikan.
    MVH Cia

  2. Hej.

    Jag skickade ett mail till denna adress i förra veckan, var det inte?
    Jag kommer att skicka det till dig igen.

    Jag kan göra en vit tunika och eventuellt en rosa en men jag väntar på ett svar från en leverantör när det gäller material.



  3. I'm going to reply in English now - hope you understand me Cia?

    I've just resent my the original email to you along with photos so could you please let me know if you receive it?

    Best Wishes


  4. Äääälskar din verision av FOL :D Såg att du börjat följa min blogg och det var så jag hittade hit. Så fint du har det och vilken massa fiiiin fina saker du säljer :D Kram

  5. Tack så mycket mycket för era vänliga kommentarer, det är skönt att veta att du tycker föl blev okej!

    Jag hittade din underbara blogg via Ina's och älskar att läsa det