Wednesday, 14 April 2010

SO NEAR YET SO FAR........Trendsales site

Lovely Charlotte sent me a link yesterday for Trendsales - a Danish type of Ebay, obviously known to quite a number of you out there- well I was happy at last to know that someone had found a white FOL in (I think?) a size 1 in white for me, so set about registering with the site, as I'd never heard of them before - and that's when the fun started, as their system told me that my email address had already been assigned to an account - well I don't know how, as I've never registered, let alone heard from them till Charlotte told me about them- so then I attempted to send them an enquiry message - under the heading of 'Forgotten username/password' because, obviously I haven't set up either - but the page won't send anywhere - so after hours of frustration, I've given up!

I don't know whether I'm more concerned that I just cannot bid on the item, as it ends tomorrow, or that my email address has been assigned elsewhere.....should be the latter I guess?

Yesterday Campadre, today Trendsales - it's never ending!

Feel like I'm destined never to get my hands on this tunic! :-(

That's just my gripe of the day out of the way to prepare dinner!

I believe I will be having a glass of wine tonight! LOL



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