Friday, 16 April 2010

More Gems.....

Guess what I've been making again - yup, more bracelets!

The diamante one I made to go with my Taradiddle dress which I wore to my friends wedding a few weeks ago and it looked perfect with the whole outfit. I'd love to say that I have photographic evidence of this, however, I only had two photo's taken of me - both of which were soo bad that there's no way I'm posting them here- well that's what happens when you come back from the hairdressers the day before and don't like the way you've had your hair done, then you mess up the fake tan the night before the wedding - then to cap it all, I had to re-start my make-up again on the morning of the wedding, after brushing my nose with the mascara wand! LOL.

The stones in this one are so very pretty - like the colours of the rainbow! I'm going to wear this one tonight with my Powder Revolution blouse when I head off to dinner with some good friends - looking forward to it very much!

I was thrilled to bits to hear that my best friend Corina liked the one I sent her, as we have the matching ones posted here a while ago - Friendship Bracelets rule! ;-)



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