Monday, 12 April 2010

Våren er her!

Hmmn, another strange day, still feeling a bit grog so I did a bit of sewing and started a boudoir wrap in pale turqoise to match the babydoll dress I made last year but haven't worn yet (the summer weather was dire in the UK!) so I'm hoping to take them both with me to wherever I head off to in June.

And with that, attempted to treat the stain on my lovely new chalk Fonda Pants! They were the last pair in the shop I bought them from, so they offered me the opportunity to send them back, but I'd waited so long for them and couldn't get them anywhere else, so I decided to see if the stain would come out - well it has almost, but there's still a little bit left, but I don't want to attempt to wash them again, as I haven't worn them yet, and the lace on the bottom is a wee bit delicate, but at least the owner of the shop has offered me a discount if the stain wouldn't come out, so all's good I guess........

But my lovely powder Smalville bloomers arrived at last and they're adorable! I bought a pair of the longer version in a sale just at the end of summer when I didn't have an excuse to wear them, but as the days get warmer, these will be adorning my legs real soon!

And here's the newly 'finished' socks from Ti-Mo! I think the little cream bows make them look even cuter! LOL

Våren er her!




  1. Hello, and thank you for your kind words!

    Yes we ship worlwide, so its no problem to ship to the uk!

    Tone, Landstil as

  2. those are SO CUTE !!! (im freaked a little because im knitting some leggings like this right now! ive had them in my head for a while and had no idea they exist!)
    what is the shop?
    (mine are different of course
    but the same idea!)

  3. Hey lovely - how are you?

    You know, it doesn't surprise me that you've come up with a pattern for something like this, as I've had something on the go for a while, but wanted a very thin say 2 or 3 ply stretchy yarn - that frankly, isn't out there, so I gave up and bought these instead!

    They're from a Swedish company called Odd Molly but I've never seen the Smalville Bloomers (which is what they're called!) online or in shops in the UK, but if you trawl through the list off Odd Molly websites here, like for example Fitts and Co and Deep Fling I know for sure stock them, as I got my last pair from Deep Fling!

    I want to see yours when they're ready and if you publish the pattern, then for sure I will be buying it!

    Big squishy hugs to you, how's things, still in the recording studio?


  4. ah thanks! i will check out to see if i can find them :)
    i adore them!

    yup im still in there singing whenever the planes take a rest
    from sailing overhead!
    hearts and happy knits
    and your knits are looking FAB!!!

  5. They are very much you hon!

    Hehe, well you must be in the studio making the most of it right now then as there's absolutely no planes up there!

    Thank you for your sweets comments my dear - and so are yours, can't wait to see the version of these you're making - I noticed they're not in Ravelry yet, but I can't wait to see them - everything you make is wonderful!

    Have a lovely weekend and please, please let me know when your next album is out! I enjoyed listening to you yesterday morning when I was working on a boudoir wrap and attempting to sing along! LOL